The Women’s Ministry TaskForce (forerunner to the Women’s Ministry Committee) recognised the need for a dedicated women’s ministry facilitator to better equip women ministry leaders and promote women’s ministry in the PCNSW. After two years of fundraising, and now in partnership with the PCNSW General Assembly, we have the blessing of two Women’s Ministry Facilitators working together to promote and resource women’s ministry. Working in partnership with the WMC, the Women’s Ministry Facilitators focuses on 5 key areas:

  1. Connecting. This involves meeting with women ministry leaders face to face or remotely in order to provide prayer, support, pastoral care and to check in regarding health and well being.
  2. Resourcing. This is done through training, establishing mentoring networks and providing resource materials and relevant referral information to female ministry leaders.
  3. Promoting. Our aim is to promote women’s ministry and women in ministry roles throughout the PCNSW by sharing examples of effective complementarian ministry models and personnel.
  4. Networking. By connecting women ministry leaders with colleagues and mentors throughout the PCNSW for mutual support and resource sharing.
  5. Multiplying. Our hope is to see more women equipped for ministry roles through theological training and more women involved in ministry roles in local churches.”