Would you like to know more about the bible and be able to explain it more effectively?

Have you ever considered studying theology?

Are you interested in study to lead to a career in formal ministry roles either paid or volunteer?

There are a number of options for theological study. They vary in content, intensity and direction they can take the student at their completion.

These options include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The Timothy Partnership
  • Ministry Training for Women (MTW) at the Christ College
  • Part time or Full time study at Christ College
  • Training to be a Deaconess at Christ College
  • Jericho Road Chaplaincy Training – including Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • Mentor Equipping

Each of these options is worth a look on their relevant websites or to ask others about their experiences, such as women you know, general discussion on the “PCNSW Women” Facebook page or discussing it with the leaders at your church.

Some features to get you started are:

  • Timothy Partnership offers distance options via online training.
  • MTW is focused on training for a role in Women’s Ministry at the local church level however, has a reduced load than regular theological study. This is not to say it is light in content providing women with serious study and training in the theology and practice behind women’s ministries.11947620_1044338575597301_5473666649459168260_nhttp://www.christcollege.edu.au/mtw/
  • Study at Christ College provides the intensity of study as at any tertiary institution.
    www.christcollege.edu.au See also the link following for a description of what is available for women at Christ College: Courses of Study available for women at Christ College.
  • Deaconess training provides a course of study to become a recognised ministry worker in the PC NSW with responsibilities to and of the Presbytery in which one works. Training is undertaken at Christ College. For more information go to the Christ College website or speak with your congregational minister/pastor.
  • Metro is a two year apprenticeship program within a local church where the METRO trainee is concurrently discipled by a trainer experienced in gospel ministry and undertakes Diploma in Theology studies through timothy partnership.  – http://www.metro.edu.au/
  • Jericho Road Chaplaincy Training runs various courses from time to time. For other course information go to https://christcollege.edu.au/jericho-road/
  • The Mentor Equipping training program includes opportunities for reflection on a range of models of mentoring, tools and resources for assisting growth, accountability and leadership formation, and an exploration of the dynamics of one to one relationships. www.johnmark.net.au/mx