This page provides information on ministry ideas that have been shared by other Presbyterian churches. Each item has a brief description then links to files to download with more details. If you would like further information or to talk to someone involved in these or similar ministries, please contact the Women’s Ministry Task Force through the contact page of this website or ring the church offices to leave a message for us to call you back. Scroll down to view each ministry idea.

[expand title=”Body Matters supper event”]
The purpose of this event is to:

1. To build friendships between the women of your church, to fulfil John 13:34-35 (ie as we love one another others will know we are Jesus disciples).

2. To encourage the women to ‘build the body of believers’ by loving each other.

The following links are files to download or read for more information and include sample resources to use in your own church.

Body Matters Event Outline

Sample invitation.

Verses for Body Matters


[expand title=”Congregational Dinner to encourage women in your church”]

This dinner idea is based on the Titus 2 teaching that older women are to teach younger women. It has also been called “Silver Threads Amongst the Gold”. The church in which it was developed found it very successful. Many women enjoyed learning from other women and getting to know women from different age groups better. It was overall a very encouraging event that was repeated in subsequent years. The following links provide more information and the invitation used on one occasion, it was printed as a postcard style invitation and handed out personally to each woman in the church family.


[expand title=”Church based Music and Play time Groups:”]

To read more about church based Music and Play time groups, please download the following documents:


[expand title=”WINGS – Women in Gospel Sharing”]

WINGS days are a great opportunity for women to come together for a day of fellowship and teaching, to be challenged by God’s Word, inspired by great speakers and encouraged by one another and to equip women in their walk with the Lord and in sharing their faith in their own setting.

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