24 October 2020 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Date: 24 October 2020 (Postponed from 9 May 2020 due to the need to avoid crowds during the COVID19 pandemic.)
Cost: $20 on the day with an additional $5 for lunch if desired
For registration click here
Where: Wentworthville Presbyterian Church
7 McKern St, Wentworthville NSW 2145

We are all meaning-makers. We all put together a working understanding of what life is about, of what a good life is, and how to be a good person in the world. And we are drawn to life’s cosmic questions: what should we believe about God, human nature and history?

Christians have a worldview that is shaped by the Bible and its story of divine intervention to rescue humanity. We believe that everything begins and ends with Jesus.

You are invited to join us and consider how we as Christians can develop patterns of thinking and living that are coherent, that make sense of the whole of life. How can we help each other to connect what we believe about the world with how we live in the world?
A bible talk will direct us to Jesus, who holds all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge for life. The following workshops will then help us think through and apply a Christian worldview to:

• engaging with the media (Cathy Phipps)
• caring for the environment (Karen Astles)
• medical interventions (Debra Tattersall)
• freedom of speech (Sheryl Sarkoezy)
• helping young people develop a Christian worldview (Mardi Barter)

When: 24 October 2020 (Postponed from 9 May 2020 due to the need to avoid crowds during the COVID19 pandemic.)
Where: Wentworthville Presbyterian Church, McKern St, Wentworthville
Time: 9am to 1pm
Cost: $20 payable in cash on the day
Lunch: is available from 1pm for an extra $5. Let us know if you want to stay for lunch when you register
Registration: Click here
Inquiries: teachandtrainwomen@gmail.com

You will receive a confirmation email when you register online. If you are not able to access the online registration, please telephone Debra Tattersall on 0425 275 127 and advise your full name and whether you are staying for lunch.

For more information go the the Teaching and Training Women’s Facebook page.