Dear Ladies,

Can you believe that it is already 2014? I don’t know about you, but I find that all organisation flies out the window in my household during the summer holidays. My ‘to do’ list from 2013 has disappeared under a pile of Christmas cards and I’m sure there were things I meant to do but just didn’t get around to….

Which is why I am writing to give you a friendly reminder to register for the Equip ministry wives 2014 conference.

EQUIP ministry wives 2014 will be held on Saturday 22rd March at St Anne’s Anglican Church, Ryde.

Just in case you have forgotten what our 2014 conference is all about, the theme is The S Word- Undressing the issues facing ministry wives in the bedroom. Jeff and Carmelina Read will be speaking from Gods Word for us. We also will have a terrific interview with Dr Amelia Haines – a sex therapist and ministry wife, who has specific expertise in this area.

Sex is an area of 21st century life that causes much angst and confusion. Many people in ministry feel an expectation to “have it all together” and know all the answers when it comes to sex. The unique challenges of ministry, combined with just being human, means this is often far from reality. Too often we don’t know what’s normal, or even who to talk to about sex-related issues. Fortunately, God’s Word bears on every aspect of life and sex is no exception.

Come to EQUIP Ministry Wives 2014 on 22nd March and hear Jeff and Carmelina Read undress the issues facing Ministry Wives in the bedroom. Who knows, it may well revolutionise your marriage!

Early Bird registrations close 21st February. Don’t forget that you save $10 by registering early!

Click on this link to go to our registration page.
Click here for information on EQUIP Ministry Wives and the event.

We hope you will be able to join us.

Ainsley Poulos
Chair, EQUIP ministry wives

EQUIP ministry wives is a ministry of EQUIP Inc.