Distinctive Ministry to Women

by Anna Moss for the Women’s Ministry Committee

Women make up 60% of local church membership (National Church Life Survey 2017).

Developing ministry that is distinctive and intentional for women will enable women to better grow in godliness, character, ministry skills and to be better served in their pastoral care needs.

As women are supported, taught biblically and encouraged in their roles as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, students and workers we will see the positive flow on to whole families, work places and communities.

Women provide a wonderful resource to local church and other ministries, and through intentional training initiatives their ministry fruit will be multiplied.

Women, like men have distinctive needs and distinctive temptations, thus there is great value in ministry work that is intentional and thoughtfully applied to them.

In order to uphold and demonstrate the goodness of the complementarian model, it is important that women are given opportunities to be involved, to have a voice, to learn and be equipped and to make meaningful and valued contributions to church life.


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