At the 2016 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of NSW, it was resolved to establish a Women’s Ministry Committee (WMC). The WMC is made up of men and women, of a variety of age groups and geographic locations. (Click here to meet our committee members here; and here to meet our Women’s Ministry Facilitators.)

The Women’s Ministry Committee has the responsibility to:

  • Establish and maintain a framework to promote the ministry of women on a complementarian basis consistent with determinations of the General Assembly of Australia.
  • Maintain effective communication with other committees and organisations of the Church whose work may impact on the ministries of women, particularly (but not exclusively) Christ College, the Metro Committee and the Ministry and Mission Committee.
  • Assist women’s organisations within the PCNSW to work together on training and equipping women for effective gospel ministry on a complementarian basis.
  • Promote effective networking among women within the PCNSW.
  • Support and resource women’s ministry groups in local Presbyterian churches
  • Provide a forum to discuss issues relevant to congregational women, women’s ministry leaders, employed women’s ministry workers and ministry wives.
  • Oversee the employment of the Women’s Ministry Facilitators to support women employed in ministry and to encourage training and resourcing for women’s groups throughout the PCNSW.


How we do this:

  • Engaging with the GANSW and Assembly committees on issues relating to complementarianism, women’s ministry and the engagement of women in the courts of our church.
  • Articles and think pieces promoting and outlining current PCNSW Church practices which seek to thoughtfully implement Complementarianism in their churches on our blog (The Complement), in The Pulse and Span.
  • One-on-one mentoring, pastoral supervision and group pastoral supervision with Anna Moss, available in person and on Zoom.
  • Providing ministry training guides and resources for women’s ministries
  • The Living Room – Quarterly zoom meetings, covering a range of relevant topics to better equip, resource and encourage women in minstry and minstry wives.
  • Spiritual Renewal Groups – For women in ministry & ministry wives. Each group has 6-8 women, and meet annually over a 3 year cycle; exploring what God is doing in their own lives and contributing to the spiritual growth of others.
  • Ministry Wives and Workers Luncheon – Our primary in-person event, open to women employed in ministry and ministry wives, held during Assembly week: promoting fellowship, encouragement in ministry and good Bible teaching.