The Presbyterian Church of NSW has established a Women’s Ministry Committee with the aim of supporting and growing women’s ministry within our church.

For the purpose of the Women’s Ministry Committee, Women’s Ministry is defined as intentional gospel ministry by women. It seeks to equip women within the PCNSW to grow towards maturity in Christ and to reach out to the community with the gospel.

The committee holds a complementarian view which asserts that men and women are created by God as equal in dignity and value to work together but will have distinct roles in church and family life.

The Women’s Ministry Committee has the responsibility to:

  • Establish and maintain a framework to promote the ministry of women on a complementarian basis consistent with determinations of the General Assembly of Australia.
  • Maintain effective communication with other committees and organisations of the Church whose work may impact on the ministries of women, particularly (but not exclusively) Christ College, the Metro Committee and the Ministry and Mission Committee.
  • Assist women’s organisations within the PCNSW to work together on training and equipping women for effective gospel ministry on a complementarian basis.
  • Promote effective networking among women within the PCNSW.
  • Support and resource women’s ministry groups in local Presbyterian churches
  • Provide a forum to discuss issues relevant to congregational women, women’s ministry leaders, employed women’s ministry workers and ministry wives.
  • Oversee the employment of a Women’s Ministry Facilitator to support women employed in ministry and to encourage training and resourcing for women’s groups throughout the PCNSW.

If you would like to find out more about this committee, please contact us.