Teaching and Training Women


Living with Grief:

When: Saturday, 10th March, 2018
Where: Wentworthville Presbyterian Church, McKern Street, Wentworthville
Time: 9am-1pm
Cost: $20.00 payable in cash on the day
RSVP essential by Monday, 5th March, 2018
Phone registrations and inquiries: Debra Tattersall on 0425 275 127
Email registrations: teachandtrainwomen@gmail.com
Lunch is available from 1pm for an extra $5. Just let us know that you want to stay, when you register

Grief casts a shadow across many life experiences: the death of a loved one, sickness, broken relationships, failed dreams. You are invited to this conference to bring your grief to a God who shares your emotional and physical pain, who has been through the valley of grief, and who is willing to lead you gently through the darkness…

Jo McKenzie will talk from Psalm 77, a lament for a time of suffering. Does the Bible show us what to do with our grief? How do we know that God is there for us? Does His compassion ever run out?

Jill McGilvray will provide a professional overview of the grieving process. You will have an opportunity to interact with a panel of women who have grieved through different experiences. How did they find God to be faithful? How did others help them in their journey?

Rhonda Daley will conclude the morning by providing us with some tools to support each other in our grief. We can’t “fix” grief for our friends, but we can be a blessing when we are willing to be still and quiet in the face of discomfort; to weep with our friends who weep. It’s OK to be authentically sad, together.

Jo McKenzie is married to Ross and has three adult step-children. She attends Western Blacktown Presbyterian Church where she enjoys teaching kids’ church and the encouragement of her Home group as they follow Jesus together. She loves the way reading and listening to the Psalms brings the joy of liberating intimacy with God.

Jill McGilvray has had long experience in pastoral care through her work on the ministry team of an Anglican Church in Sydney and as a bereavement counsellor working with children at the National Centre for Childhood Grief. Her book, God’s Love in Action, Pastoral Care for Everyone, was published in 2010 and has been reprinted several times.

Rhonda Daley is a Christian woman, mother and grandmother. She has spent 20 years in full time Hospital Chaplaincy, mostly in children’s hospitals. Her best lessons in how to support families living with the chronic grief of sick children or children with disabilities, has come from these hero families.



Teaching and Training Women provides opportunities for Presbyterian Women in the Sydney metropolitan area, and their friends, to receive bible teaching and ministry skilling from other women in the Presbyterian Church.

We are aiming to serve the Lord Jesus and build His kingdom by

1) encouraging women to use their gifts more confidently. Many women lack the confidence to take on leadership and / or to become involved in church activities and use their gifts. Therefore, we want to grow their relationship with the Lord Jesus and we offer training in pastoral ministries. So far we have dealt with topics such as understanding grief, running a Bible study group, influencing our children for the Lord, evangelism, bridging generations.

2) training women to teach / preach God’s Word well. We train women to know and handle their Bibles well, give exegetical and evangelistic talks, and to write and lead bible studies. For too long women have struggled on their own with little help and training. Our training mornings also provide opportunities for women to use their teaching gifts.

3) demonstrating the quality and variety of women’s ministries in our denomination. At our training mornings we pray for various Presbyterian ministries, interview women involved in these ministries and provide role models of ordinary women living out their faith.

We want to be accessible to busy women so our two main events are held on Saturday morning in March and October.  We also run a short courses in August called Starting From Scratch. For 9 hours over several Saturday mornings, we teach the women how to write their own Bible studies or bible talks and how to deliver them.


Many books, One story, 28th October, 2017

The Bible has 66 books. It took 40 authors and over 1500 years to
write. And the wonder is… it tells one BIG story of God’s unfolding
redemption plan. At many books one story we will see how each
small part of the Bible relates to this big story. When we come to
grips with the grand sweep of the Bible, we are equipped to ‘zoom’
back in to deepen our understanding of Biblical themes, individual
books of the Bible, and even God’s purposes for our everyday life.

Janet Riley will lead us through the big story of redemption as it plays
out in the Bible. She will introduce us to the theme of ‘temple’, and
then we will have an opportunity to attend a small bible study group
on the day, exploring one of the Biblical themes of marriage, mission
or Sabbath and how it can be traced through the whole Bible. Janet
will conclude the day by teaching us from Isaiah 56:1-8, showing how
this passage draws on these themes. Janet’s sessions are designed to
show how helpful a confident grasp of biblical theology is to a deep
understanding of God’s purposes for his people.
We hope and pray that you will leave this conference inspired to
delve into the riches of God’s word, understanding your own place
within his great redemption plan.

Speaker: Janet Riley is thankful for lots of opportunities to spend time
with students around the Bible in her role as the Dean of Women at
SMBC. Janet is part of Abbotsford Presbyterian Church.


29 April 2017: Finding peace in an anxious world: building resilience in Jesus

For a recording of the talks from the day please click here!

29 October 2016 – One Person at a time: ordinary women building extraordinary relationships.

For a recording of the talks and booklet from the day click here!

5th March 2016 –  Same, Same but different

Same Same but Different

Jesus told us to “Go” and make disciples of “All” people in the Great Commission from Matthew.

He didn’t tell us to wait inside our churches and expect people to come to us.

This was the message at the latest Teaching Training Women morning at Wentworthville.

The women were reminded that engaging in conversation and developing relationships with women from different cultures can be tricky and even scary. But, whether Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, they all need to know Jesus just as we do.

The morning gave some really practical insights into how to approach these relationships.

Sue, recently returned from church planting and community health work in Indonesia, brought a challenge from the Bible to be intentional in building friendships with women from different cultures and encouraged the women to think and plan beforehand how to build a bridge in their conversations that will enable them to discuss Jesus.

She talked of the Friends 4 Life programme being used at Woonoona Presbyterian Church where church members identify 5 friends who don’t yet know Jesus and then pray for them daily, contact them weekly, share an activity together monthly, make their worlds collide with yours by introducing them to your Christian friends and then share the Gospel with them when you can.

Most importantly, she reminded the women that they go with the King.

Judy Rowlands, who has a lifetime’s experience in teaching ESL in churches, gave some great insights into the differences in worldview between cultures from the West and from the Majority World.

She said that that our Western way of looking at things isn’t the only way. It isn’t necessarily the right way or even the Biblical way.

Finally, Rachel, who has lived in a Muslim country for several years, gave some really practical ways for the women to connect with, and love, Muslim women in their neighbourhoods.

She showed the differences and similarities between Christianity and Islam and helped the women to think about how they might gently and respectfully challenge wrong thinking.

They were reminded that many Muslims will hear the Gospel many times before they accept it and that they might just be a link in the chain of their journey.

Check out our podcast page to hear the talks from this event!     TTW Booklet March 2016

Debra Tattersall

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28th March 2015 TTW Training Day – Destruction and Violence are before me, ….. yet I will rejoice in the Lord

How do we respond to the evil and injustice in the world?

Where is God when the weak and powerless suffer?

When will God act to redeem His people?

Rhonda Daley and Sylvia Siu spoke to us from the book of Habakkuk and reminded us that God’s people have always suffered in the face of the evil in our world. But God uses the evil intentions of wicked men to bring about His purposes.

God’s silence is not disinterest but rather restraint and patience as He waits for His chosen people to turn to Him. This restraint is seen most powerfully in the cross where the God allowed His Son to suffer and bear the sin of the world to bring about our ultimate salvation.

Sylvia reminded us that God is both judge and saviour. He is our rock and refuge in the face of suffering.

Rhonda encouraged us to join Habbakuk in intentionally choosing to rejoice in the Lord even when things are bad in life. “Though the fig tree does not blossom and there are no grapes on the vines…yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Saviour.”

She reminded us that, in Jesus, we have so much more to say about the glorious works of God.

It was a creative morning with times of reflection over modelling clay, puzzles and God’s word.

We created our own “wailing wall” of prayers to God on behalf of the persecuted in our world. And we shared our joy in God’s faithfulness with singing and a celebratory feast.

Teaching Training Women is open to all women and is held at Wentworthville Presbyterian Church


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